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christopher lovegrove

How is it?
Good work Brett. Not only getting to be able to manipulate typepad but also in the setting up of Smart and the use of the record function within.
Steve (AKA Scott) also uses videos, made by hiself.
The videos open up a new dimension in learning. The students really like them and find them of great use when prepairing for class as well as for reviewing.
A real social learning tool. When the students start making their own about learning!!!! I can't wait.
Would like to disscuss the use of these in our teaching/learning next week when we can go face to face.
Keep up the good work.


Absolutely essential that Unitec allows staff some autonomy in working where they need to.
I'm putting some effort into working from home, as a days' travel is expensive and I don't get paid well enough.
They certainly get their fair pound of flesh.
Developing work at home also allows better focus and uninterrupted reflection, not available at Unitec.
The new “ Occasionally Work at home Guidelines” is typical of a controlling, aged, mentality preventing true freedom. (living curriculum?)
It is fine to have the staff justify verbally or e-mail with their Manager ‘what’ and ‘when’ they will be working at home and
an assurance that they are contactable throughout that time. But really….
“Come on Unitec ‘Walk the Talk’ or you'll find good people will walk off ‘period’.

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