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How is it? No sugar but have got some lawn clippings if any help?Urs came in a box and I'll ask Moira what make and model when she wakes up.I like your background picture!



Background pic  "Swiss cottage" farm, Scotforth, Lancaster, England.  gt-gt-gt-grandaddy Croasdales home farm. Cheers.
Haven't got wi-fi ability at home so rather frustrated at present.
Will ask vickel if I can plug/drive i-pod on cable to home computer. (don't like my chances, but won't keep up if have to do all at work?

Vickel Narayan

Hello did you get your wireless router working again?

I hear you .... believe me things get much better after the the first few weeks of playing with the 'new toy' .....

If you still have problem come by sometime and I can help you with it.


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